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My story goes like this…


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These are two of the most beautiful pairs of shoes I have ever laid my eyes upon… and you know why they came out so Godly-gorgeous? They were sourced at a factory with ETHICAL standards and practices, meaning no child labor, or exploitative labor, and no animal ingredients! Bourgeois Boheme is based in Richmond but easily accessible to a Londoner from their amazing website! Please… stop for a moment and think about how your clothing choices are affecting the planet! Are they made with animal products, such as skin, fur, or bone? Who profits from what you buy at your favorite company– a big-wig in a leather chair, an organization, or better yet– people with a vision? Let’s see what London has in store for ethical designs…

Here is a list of clothing I have compiled specifically for vegan, ethical, organic and fairtrade-loving fashionistas! Go nuts. Or pecans.

Bamboo Clothing



Equa Clothing


Feral International



Jane Goldsmith

My Greener Family


People Tree



Yew Clothing

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Okay, so I admit to being a Vegan Routes virgin, but this place looked so enticing that I had to take a picture and remember how to get back! I was wandering around Piccadilly Circus when, out of NOWHERE…

I get bombarded by a vegan restaurant on a London bus. This little gem serves 100% organic food that promises to make your stomach sing and promotes a “reverence for life” on the side. How many restaurants do you know that cook with compassion?!! Crazy, healthy, and right up my alley! I will definitely post a review when I gather some cash.

32 Brewer Street, W1F 0LA

By the way, vegans makes the best salads:

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Greetings! I have found the absolute best way to get some vegan ideas and meet other likeminded individuals with a love for vegetables! This is the London Meetup Group. In case you haven’t heard, a Meetup Group can be organized around any subject in any city and this group is dedicated to being vegan in London.

Click for the London Vegan Meetup Group!

I have joined this group as of recently and hope that all others will follow — vegetarians and foodies alike! Maybe you can suggest a meeting and make it happen!

If anyone joined, I would like to hear about it!

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Hey kids! I was walking in Soho and came across this little gem, as I had done so fervently before. All of their food is completely veggie and most is vegan! It is like takeaway without the carelessness, healthy-style. It lies in between all the obscure record and vintage shops of the neighborhood which cannot be missed. Remember 92 Berwick Street in Westminster, and you’re golden ;o)

Click for a Beatroot surprise!

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Maoz Vegetarian. Also vegan! This little gem is right inside Soho. All you do is go in, buy your size of falafel (I recommend the biggest one) and fill it with hummus, couscous, lettuce, and other delicious ideas. 43 Old Compton street, folks. They will treat you good, I promise!

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