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So, I went on a mission today to find vegan versions of different products to compare with the non-vegan version from my local shop, Morrison’s. I’ve compared them for price, weight, and of course, ingredients. This proves just how easy it is to obtain these products by looking a little closer at the labels for dairy, egg, and animal-derived free! **I will do this at other shops such as Waitrose or Sainsbury’s to be fair to your trusty local as well!**

Superjam @ 82p / 212 g Vs. Hartley’s @ 1.29 / 340 g

(Superjam contains no cane sugar; cane sugar is usually filtered through animal bone material. It also contains no extra food coloring or unnecessary gelling agents!)

Pure Soya Spread @ 1.00 / 500g Vs. Flora Spread @ 1.50 / 500g

(Pure does not contain any milk or buttermilk and is certified vegan, which means it did not come in contact with anything animal. Hallelujah!)

Alprosoya Single Cream @ 50p / 250ml Vs. Elmlea Single Cream @ 78p / 284ml

(How could Life have thought of such a great product? These geniuses made baking a whole lot easier… this is on the plane of soya yogurt!)

Florentino Basil Pesto @ 1.75 / 170ml Vs. Sacla Pesto @ 2.19 / 190g

(Although I am a big fan of cashews, this pesto is made without nuts at all — instead it’s made with basil! Pretty risky and pretty frisky! The biggest upside is that it does not contain cheese which is that little ingredient that makes the biggest difference!)

Kinnerton Dark Chocolate @ 1.19 / 100g Vs. Dairymilk @ 1.30 / 140g

(Vegan chocolate. Mmmmmm. You’d think it was hard to find… but not really!)

Biona Rye Bread @ 90p / 500g Vs. Morrison’s Seeded Bread @ 79p / 400g

(Guess what? This German rye bread is the real deal with minimal ingredients and totally animal-free… regular bread has so many hidden ingredients like skimmed-milk powder and even eggs so it can be tedious to look at the labels. Minimal is best in this department!)

And there you have it… shop local and despair no more!


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