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It is no wonder that all Jews and Muslims strictly prohibit the consumption of pork! It is becoming less and less secretive that to eat pork it is to flirt with disease; pork causes illnesses that produce tangible symptoms in the body. Watch this stunning video that made American news not too terribly long ago!


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Antonia Senior, a self-admitted carnivore with a shaky conscience gives a wise view of her own meat-eating kind and also of the “cute-itarians” who pick and choose from their vegetarian diets which meat is okay to eat.

The only two positions that Senior sees fit to make any intillectual sense are pure veganism or an enthusiasm for eating animals. The in-betweeners are those who craft their consciences towards “less cute” animals perceived to have no feelings, such as fish. Victoria Braithwaite, Professor of Fisheries and Biology at Penn State University, proves that there is sufficient evidence that fish experience pleasure and suffering the way mammals and birds do, highlighted in her book Do Fish Feel Pain? Bluefin tuna, mackeral, catfish, or whatever other type of gourmet fish one plops on their plate is still a sentient being in a different form.

Along with “less cute” animals on a cute-itarian’s dinner platter are those said to be unintelligent, with most people’s example as the chicken. The chicken can bypass the intelligence of a young child by understanding that an object, when taken out of plain view, continues to exist by looking for it. Chickens recognize each other by facial features. Just Google “Chickens Intelligence” and you will find an endless list of animal behaviorists studying these fascinating creatures while comparing them to three-year-old children!

Senior writes that “Unless a carnivore can afford to go completely organic — and even then — using animals demands a certain steeliness of soul. It’s a position that says animals are subordinate to man’s appetites and it acknowledges that beasts suffer for our stomachs; yet it takes this knowledge and weighs it up against the loveliness of a strip of bacon sizzling in a pan and the crunch of pork crackling.”

That “loveliness of a strip of bacon sizzling” can be accredited to the evolution of man, when he roasted up animals on an open fire to survive. Since raw meat is tough to digest and even tougher to digest without risk of infecting the body, man sizzled his bacon to survive. It would look ludicrous to see somebody hunt down a jack rabbit and tear it apart by its limbs and gorge on its flesh because humans take the watered-down version of meat-eating and somehow justify it.

“If you eat meat, dairy or fish, if you wear leather, fur or seal skins, you cannot pretend that the animals that offered up these goods did it willingly. The cow tethered to the milking robot, or the caged, clipped-beak chicken squeezing out eggs, is not having fun.”

We are not cavemen anymore, and do not have to justify eating our furry companions! We know how to cook and we can cook ethnically — from Indian to Polish and Pakistani to French foods — without accepting that animals or their byproducts must be included in the process!

All comments and views welcome! Find Antonia Senior’s enthralling feature at the Times Online!

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