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My story goes like this…


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Okay, so I admit to being a Vegan Routes virgin, but this place looked so enticing that I had to take a picture and remember how to get back! I was wandering around Piccadilly Circus when, out of NOWHERE…

I get bombarded by a vegan restaurant on a London bus. This little gem serves 100% organic food that promises to make your stomach sing and promotes a “reverence for life” on the side. How many restaurants do you know that cook with compassion?!! Crazy, healthy, and right up my alley! I will definitely post a review when I gather some cash.

32 Brewer Street, W1F 0LA

By the way, vegans makes the best salads:

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Maoz Vegetarian. Also vegan! This little gem is right inside Soho. All you do is go in, buy your size of falafel (I recommend the biggest one) and fill it with hummus, couscous, lettuce, and other delicious ideas. 43 Old Compton street, folks. They will treat you good, I promise!

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Being vegan anywhere can be difficult, so I will try to make it easy to be vegan in the city– London in particular. I will post all my ventures from the best shops here in London (that means North, South, East and West, kids) to restaurants and general experiences in the supermarket, like searching for vegan marshmallows with my vegan shoes on!

First and foremost, I would like to recommend http://www.veganlondon.co.uk to you as the best introduction on being a veggie-head in London. The “factsheets” are helpful in telling you where to get your B12 and other obscure minerals in your diet.

And what about http://vegcom.org ? If you’re moving within London or are planning to come, this is an accommodation / flat sharing website that allows you to search for like-minded individuals. Vegcom.org breeds community.

By the way… what is your single favorite vegetarian dish?


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